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For professionals:
   Training and consultation on partner violence

For individuals and couples:
Counselling & group programs
for people experiencing aggression or abuse
   from partners or other family members
for people being aggressive
group programs for anger or aggression
support group for men who have
   experienced partner abuse
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Healthy Relationship
Loving, mutually respectful communication and behaviour
A balance between the needs of the individuals and the needs of the relationship
A balance between togetherness and separateness
Automatically assuming the best about your partner
Mutual support and encouragement
Equality in decision-making
Mutual trust and intimacy
Freedom from anxiety and fear when with your partner

Unhealthy Relationship
Feeling like you just keep having the same old arguments
Increasingly communicating disrespectfully with each other
Spending all of your free time with your partner
Spending no free time with your partner
One partner sacrificing friends or family for the sake of the other
One person making most of the decisions without considering the other partner
 One person making choices and decisions for the other
Constantly feeling anxious or angry when you’re with your partner
Arguments that escalate into pushing and shoving or other acts of aggression

Abusive Relationship
One or both partner(s):
Tells the other who to have as friends or isolates the other from family or friends
Gets jealous; or always wants to know where the other has been
Checks the other’s phone, mail and email
Puts the other down and makes the other feel worthless
Readily yells and screams at the other
Threatens or frightens the other
Uses physical violence to get what s/he wants
Coerces the other to have sex or perform unwanted sexual acts


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